The Summer Crisis Program generally runs from July 1 thru August 31. The program is able to provide a one- time payment for electric assistance up to a maximum as determined by the program annually for qualified households.

The program was able to provide up to $175.00 in electric assistance for qualified households.

To qualify households had to:

– Be at or below the 175% of the federal poverty guidelines

– Have a household member who has an illness that would benefit from assisatance verified by physician documentation, or with a member who is age sixty or older.

Documentaton needed for assistance includes:

– Income documentation for the past 13 weeks for the date of your appointment.

– Most recent electric bill.

– Documentation of a household member age 60 or older or a physician documentaion.

– Name, address, and telephone number of your landlord if applicable

– Proof of citizenship for the primary applicant, for a list of acceptable proof contact HCCAO at 937-393-3458

For more information please call the Emergency Services Department at Highland County Community Action at 937-393-3458

Summer Crisis Program