Attention DP&L customers.  A new program has been introduced.  One time assistance with your current DP&L Bill.  No disconnect needed.  DP&L has made available a limited amount of money to be used to assist its customers with the often burdensome cost of electric.  Households will qualifiy upon application who are at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty guidelines.


In Family

Maximum income for

13 weeks

 Maximum income for

12 months

1 $5585.00 22340
2 $7565.00 30260
3 $9545.00 38180
4 $11525.00 46100
5 $13505.00 54020
6 $15485.00 61940
7 $17465.00 69860
8 $19445.00 7780

For addtional household members contact HCCAO for income guidelines.

Documentation needed:  Current Electric Bill, Social Security Numbers of all hosuehold members, birth certificates of all household members, last 13 weeks of income information, name, address, and phone number of your landord if applicable.  Contact HCCAO at 937-393-3458 to make your appointment or for more information.