A recent report from the Center for Community Solutions on the Status of Women in Ohio Counties highlighted some areas of concern for Highland and Clinton Counties.  Both counties have much higher Teen Birth Rates than the state average, with Highland County averaging 39.1 births yearly per 1,000 females aged 15-19 and Clinton averaging 32.5 compared to the state wide average of 24.8 per thousand. 

The report also raised concerns about chronic disease mortality and cancer detection rates.  The age-adjusted chronic disease rate for women is both far above the Ohio average of 416/100,000 in both Highland (487) and Clinton (509) Counties.  The county profiles also show that too many cases of cervical cancer aren’t being caught until they are late stage (40% in Highland and 50% in Clinton).  Early cancer detection is key to successful treatment and regular screenings are the key to early detection.

Contraception and cancer screenings are available in Hillsboro, Greenfield, and Wilmington from Highland County Community Action Organization’s Reproductive Health and Wellness Clinics.  The clinics offer pap tests to screen for cervical cancer, colposcopies for irregular pap results, as well as breast exams.  Patients who wish to prevent pregnancy can choose from variety of contraceptive options including birth control pills, IUDs, and depo injections.  In addition to services specifically for women, free condoms and testing for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and Hepatitis C, are available to any patient regardless of gender. All services are provided on a sliding fee scale and no one is denied services due to an inability to pay.  For more information on the clinics or to schedule an appointment, call 937-393-3060.

You can access the full Status of Ohio’s Women county profiles at www.communitysolutions.com

Full url: https://www.communitysolutions.com/resources/community-fact-sheets/status-ohios-women-county/