The Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies represents 50 agencies around the state serving the needs of low-income people in all of Ohio’s 88 counties for more than 45 years. CAAs provide education and training, emergency services, and other assistance programs over 800,000 Ohioans annually, administering more than $480 million in resources and employing more than 6,000 people.

OACAA exists to support its members and to strengthen a unified community action presence in Ohio. This means working to keep Ohio’s Community Action Agencies in the lead in the fight against poverty through quality training programs, raising awareness of poverty in Ohio, and awareness of the successful programs member agencies have used to battle the causes and effects of poverty.

There are more than 1.7 million Ohioans in poverty. Their needs vary from eastern Ohio to western, from north to south, rural to urban. Poverty is a statewide issue wearing local faces. The shared mission of OACAA members allows each agency to address needs specific to their community, providing the unique solutions each situation demands. OACAA provides support, education and advocacy to fulfill that mission.

While we are pleased to share information about Community Action and our activities with all interested individuals and organizations, membership in OACAA is limited to certified Community Action Agencies in Ohio. http://www.oacaa.org/