Please help us keep our bin sites clean. They are in place only because of the generosity of the landowners. Please help us respect their place of business. If bins are full please do NOT leave anything on the ground around the bins.


Not everything can be recycled. And not every recyclable item can go in our bins. Please use the list below as a reference to help be sure that you’re recycling the right things.



  • Glass Bottles & Jars (all colors, mixed)

  • Metal Cans

    • aluminum cans (like pop cans)

    • steel cans and lids (like soup cans)

    • empty aerosol cans (remove lids and tips)

  • Plastic Bottles, Jugs and Tubs

    • milk jugs

    • cottage cheese, sour cream, cool whip containers

    • water and pop bottles

    • laundry detergent jugs

    • shampoo bottles

  • Paper and Cardboard (please flatten boxes to save bin space)

    • mixed office paper and envelopes

    • newspaper, magazines, telephone books, and catalogs

    • cardboard, paperboard (cereal boxes)

    • clean pizza boxes

  • Cartons (such as for milk, juice, soup and broth)


  • Plastic bags (recycle these at the grocery store)

  • Electronics (bring to annual electronics event)

  • Tires (bring to annual tire recycling event)

  • Other metal (sell to commercial recycler)

    • scrap metal, chains, car parts, pots and pans, hangers

  • Other plastics

    • clamshell containers, styrofoam, buckets

  • Other glass

    • light bulbs, window glass, drinking glasses

  • Food and yard waste (compost)

  • Other materials not accepted

    • ceramics

    • garden hoses

    • construction debris

    • furniture

  • Medical sharps and syringes

  • Hazardous materials