HCCAO recently took on the Recycling and Litter Prevention Outreach for Highland County.  We are contracted for this position by the Highland County Commissioners and serve as the local outreach for to the Ross Pickaway Fayette Highland Solid Waste District.

Public Recycling Bins

Public Recycling Bins are provided across the county for residents to drop off plastic bottles and jugs, glass bottles and jars, cardboard cartons and boxes, metal cans, and paper products.

Litter Cleanup Supplies Library

We have litter cleanup supply kits available to any group in the county that would like to clean a roadway, park, or waterway.

Special Collection Events

Each year, we host special recycling collection events.  The 2018 events were for Electronics and Tire recycling, but have already passed.  Please check back in 2019 for details on next year’s events.

RPHF Solid Waste District

For more information on recycling and litter in Highland, Ross, Pickaway, and Fayette County, please visit the RPHF Solid Waste District’s site at

Call 937-393-3458 x117 or email us at for more information on recycling or litter clean up.